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Introduction to LinkedIn

Launched in the year 2003, LinkedIn has turned out to be the most popular website in the field of professional social networking. It is a virtual space that allows users to create a profile and apply for jobs as well as employers to post their job requirements. With more than 500 million active users across 200 countries, LinkedIn is available in more than 24 languages. Apart from being ranked among the most popular websites across the globe, it was also a participant at EU's International Safe Harbor Privacy Principles.


With its "gated-access approach" feature under which users with any professional position require either an existing relationship or an introduction to other users to connect with them; LinkedIn has been working on building trust among its service members. This makes LinkedIn a preferred and reliable choice among professionals.




LinkedIn Tech Support

The rapid growth of LinkedIn over the last decade has resulted in the enrollment of more than 500 million active users. While this huge network of professionals can help in making your professional journey smoother, there are a number of issues that you may have to face while using LinkedIn such as login issues, data recovery, security threat to data, merging of accounts and similar tech issues.


In order to provide an efficient solution to such issues there is an efficient, qualified and experienced team of experts, who are available round the clock to provide assistance to LinkedIn users.


How to Get In Touch with LinkedIn Customer Service?

In order to get in touch with LinkedIn customer service, all you need to do is pick up your phone and dial LinkedIn Customer Support Number 1855-441-4470, where you can get your issue resolved with the help of our qualified experts. We make sure that you get your problems resolved as soon as possible and our experts come up with a prompt response to your complaints.


Whenever you call the LinkedIn Customer Support Number, you will be taken through a series of steps which will help you to identify your actual problem and the process to be followed to resolve it.


You can reach LinkedIn tech support by making a call on the LinkedIn contact number at 1855-441-4470, available round the clock.


What if the problem cannot be solved over the phone?

The experts at the LinkedIn support number work closely to resolve your issues. However, sometimes problems may be difficult to solve or explain over a phone call. In case you are facing any inconvenience in explaining your issue over the call, all you have to do is to write to LinkedIn [email protected] Once our support team receives a complaint, it will contact you at the earliest and get your problem solved.

Which is the best time to call?

We at LinkedIn support provide complete assistance round-the-clock to all our customers. So, whenever you face any issue and our assistance is required immediately, feel free to access our toll-free LinkedIn contact number 1855-441-4470. Our technical team will be with you as soon as possible and resolve your issues on a priority basis. If the problem tends to persist, we even have a backup team to deal with your issues promptly and ensure that you don’t face such problems again in the future.


What kinds of support services are available?

No matter what kind of problems you are facing with your LinkedIn profile, once you call the designated LinkedIn phone number, we will be able to help you out. Let’s have a quick look at the some of the most common issues that we deal with:

Login issues:

Our technical team helps you to resolve all kinds of login issues such as resetting the old password, creation of a new password, addition and removal of an e-mail account and providing you a safe access to your account.


Data recovery:

Our Data Recovery support services include recovery of lost data in your account. Sometimes crucial and relevant data gets eroded due to some technical issues and it can be restored with the help of our team.


Merging or closing of duplicate accounts:

At times you may discover you have more than one LinkedIn account. If you get a message stating that the email address you're attempting to login is associated with another account, this means that you probably have another LinkedIn account using that email address. This can happen if you use a number of different email addresses. If you are unable to perform the merging or closing on your own, you can instantly get in touch with our tech team.


Cancellation of premium subscription:

If you want to cancel your premium subscription and return to the free basic account, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Click the me icon on top of the homepage.
  2. Select premium subscription settings.
  3. Under account type on the left, click cancel subscription.
  4. Now choose the cancellation reason and proceed by clicking on continue.
  5. Click on cancel my subscription


However, if you are unable to cancel your subscription even after following these steps, then you can immediately contact our team and we would be happy to help.


Why should you call us?

In the era of capitalism, it is imperative for an each and every professional to stay alert regarding the challenges and opportunities around them. Therefore, we at LinkedIn support ensure a hassle free and a smooth experience for you. In case your profile faces any security threats or any other issue, you should immediately call the LinkedIn support phone number. Here is why you should call us:


Whenever you call at LinkedIn Support phone number, we will make sure that we are able to resolve all the issues that you are facing in no time. All you have to do is call our LinkedIn support number 1855-441-4470.
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